I am Dierdra McDowell.


Dierdra McDowell was born in Brooklyn, New York... with Panamanian roots!  Being the first American born in her family, they often joked about her "celebrity status".  Little did they know the power behind this choice of words!

As an actress, Ms. McDowell is honored to claim guest star appearances in current television shows, such as POWER, Odd Mom Out, and Mr. Robot.  She is honored for work in feature-length and short films... such as the noted film 4:44 directed by Abel Ferrera and starring Willem Dafoe (as his ex-wife).  She remains proud of her work in commercials for Verizon Fios, Time Warner Cable, Pearle Vision, Home Depot, Spray and Wash, Wii, and Allegra D to name a few.  She is delighted to have worked with Susan Lucci, (Erica Kane) on the former hit soap opera "ALL MY CHILDREN".  It's not a trail to leave behind... but Dierdra says "It's just the beginning of the road!"